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Who are we?

The Manifestation Coaches was an idea that was born at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 by Thomas Browne.


Former designer, teacher, software engineer & artist Thomas is now an EMCC accredited life coach who specializes in manifestation & transformation coaching. Thomas' predominant area of interest has always been in helping individuals to protect themselves from bullying and exploitation at a personal level. Along with being a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse himself; Thomas has observed the destructive nature of Narcissism at various different stages of his life with varying degrees of severity.

This led Thomas to research Narcissism and it's effects particularly with regards to emotional dis-regulation, C-PTSD, attachment styles and co-dependency. Using all that he has learned - Thomas aims to empower individuals to manifest beyond narcissistic abuse imposed on them by others through helping victims to re-discover and access their very own inner power of manifestation.

Thomas drives his clients to uncover, discover and achieve the best version of themselves throughout his sessions by utilizing various mindsets and core creative strengths. His extensive knowledge alongside his passion to empower; offers his clients a unique intuitive coaching experience that is highly effective in reaching the desired results. You are very welcome to join Thomas as he brings the process of manifestation to life so that anyone can do it successfully while also sharing what they learn with those that may be closest to them or most vulnerable. Thomas believes that everyone has the right to be able to access their powers of infinite abundance to bring about a more joyous fulfilling existence to the masses.


Most importantly Thomas encourages you to enjoy the process to ultimately bring you into alignment with both your true self and true life path with the least resistance by stepping into infinite abundance and possibility with excitement and ease.

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