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What is Manifestation?

Funny enough this is one of the most common questions we get asked as Coaches. You may have also came across terms like "law of attraction", "synchronicity", "vibration" and many more. Are they linked? Yes, they are and there's other areas that are also linked which have strong applications in other areas of coaching and psychology, these include: "mindset", "goal setting" and "mindful awareness". So what exactly do we mean by Manifestation and how can it be applied into our lives?


Manifestation is the process by which we can intentionally create what we want. In each moment of every day we are constantly manifesting the world around us through our thoughts, feelings and where we choose to place our awareness. Everyone has the ability to manifest anything they desire – whether it be wealth, career, health, lifestyle, love, home, cars or just simply to be happy. Equally everyone has the ability to manifest exactly what they do not want if they focus their attention in those areas enough.

As manifestation coaches we utilize positive, constructive thought processes, conscious manifestation techniques and practical coaching methods to contribute in making your dreams and desires become reality.

We help you to take inspired action towards your goals. Yes you can sit on the couch and wait for the perfect life to appear, but by making your intentions clear and then taking steps towards it, you’re showing the universe you mean business and it can deliver at a much quicker rate.

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