Welcome Passionate Soul

Do you pick up on the emotions and vibes around you?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by what you’re feeling?

Do you consider yourself an Empath or a Sensitive Soul?


Hi, my name is PrisCilla Wauch and I am an Intuitive Empath Energy Coach - AKA The Empath Empowerer. My passion is coaching Empaths through the transformation of Sensitive Soul to Passionate Soul, in both their personal and business lives.


It took me years to realise that my sensitivity was in fact another way that I picked up information from the world around me. Before this realisation though, my emotional life felt chaotic.

  • I felt unexplainably tired, yet I was perfectly healthy
  • I could deeply understand what others were experiencing
  • I could walk into a location and suddenly feel overwhelmed by emotion

Deep within, I knew that I had find a way to teach other Empaths and Sensitive Souls that they can in fact feel powerful while still maintaining their beautiful connection to their heart energy.


And so began the birthing of The Passionate Soul!


I want to help you realise that:

  • An Empath can become more conscious of what they’re feeling and placing it where it belongs.
  • An Empath can learn how to clear what isn’t theirs and recharge themselves with their own vibe, instead of feeling overwhelmed by energies of others.
  • An Empath can learn to energetically empower themselves and help themselves feel ‘stronger’.
  • Learning to take care of yourself ‘energetically’ can be empowering.

The Journey of How I Stepped into My Flow
It took me many years to realise that I am an empath who ´feels´ energy. Multiple uncomfortable experiences led me on a path to understanding my energetic world better. Through my wish to take charge of what I was energetically feeling, and the wish to feel energetically empowered - I began my journey of learning Reiki.
As I began to learn Reiki, I realised that it was something that came natural to me. When I first ventured to learn, I had planned to only use Reiki to give private sessions to clients. In the back of my mind though, the words of my Reiki Teacher kept repeating, `Who knows? Maybe one day you would like to teach?` To be honest, I did not want to teach others - I learned later that this was a topic of mine that I had to work through - feeling empowered and self-confident that others actually wanted to learn what I knew.
And so, one day out of the blue, I felt a strong urge come over me: Teach. I felt it and I could swear that I also heard it: Teach. Just as quickly that I felt this sudden epiphany come over me, I tried to push it away. ´I don't Want to Teach. I am not Good Enough. No.` This became a very important part of my Reiki journey. I eventually allowed myself to surrender to the pull - was this coming from myself or was this perhaps a collective need which was calling to be filled?
Soon after, I called my Reiki Teacher and told her that I was ready to take my studies further. I was ready to go forward and step into becoming a teacher, and eventual master of Reiki.

Ready to start expanding your self confidence as you learn how to create and build your flourishing, heart based business?  The Passionate Soul Business Academy is for Passionate Souls who are ready to bring integrate their Passion and High Vibes in creating their flourishing heart centered business!