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Origin Story

We all have an origin story and you are no different, please consider your own origin story as you read this.


Thomas comes from very humble beginnings growing up in a council estate in a typically small suburban town in Ireland. The youngest of 4 children he regularly witnessed domestic abuse from an early age within his own family dynamic. Unfortunately cases like these were a very real issue that many families in Ireland would endure in silence; particularly during a time when the Catholic Church's teachings in Ireland dominated education, social practice and how to best handle interpersonal relationships. 

Domestic abuse had been and still is a reality for many families globally. Back then it was not commonly spoken about as an issue; unless of course something major would happen which should have lead to an intervention - but instead would fuel others with gossip to discuss and spread around like wildfire. When something so destructive is considered normal within a society, then an abusive life can be seen as "just the way it is" in all family dynamics, friendships, relationships and even work environments. 

Thomas grew up with the belief that everybody has the capacity to be authentic and honest if he treated people the way that he wanted to be treated (with empathy, understanding, clear communication and compassion) that he would get the same in return. Instead his empathetic nature attracted in many individuals who displayed similarly abusive traits to what he experienced during childhood; not just in family, platonic and romantic relationships but also in jobs - even extending to how world is run from the top down.

As Thomas took on the role of the protector of his family from a very young age this meant that running from a bad situation was never an option. Instead, he would would always be compelled to stand his ground, take on other people's responsibility and staying even when the going got tough to try to fix the issues. It took a very long time but he eventually realized that he cannot control those around him but he can control his own decisions, life path and manifestations. It took a lot of pain and suffering which was a hard but necessary lesson.

However, this realization led to his biggest spiritual awakening of all that changed his life. He realized that how we feel can greatly affect what we manifest in and that if our emotions, feelings and dreams are constantly being undermined by those around us [who are supposed to support us] then it makes the life that we actually want a lot harder to achieve. He realized that settling with people that did not deserve his attention was a major issue and that "running" from these types of people may have been the best option.

This propelled Thomas on a journey of self-discovery of reading, and going within to look for the answers and knowing his self-worth. Through this journey he began to let go of his painful past, dropping labels that didn’t serve him, and to become FREE of much of the autopilot beliefs he was operating from. From that point on, he felt that his purpose was to empower other people to know that they are high vibrational beings, that can become FREE of the past pains and past negative experiences instigated by Narcissistic individuals they choose to surround themselves with.

Thomas believes that his life purpose is to raise his own vibration and level of consciousness and to help others do it too. He believe's that you are also on a journey of raising your vibration and that as you do, the world around you will change. Thomas is on a mission to demystify and dismantle the toxic influence of narcissism on all of our lives and to move beyond it to manifest the life you and many others truly deserve.


"Please recognize that your past experiences have formed the person you are today but they do not dictate your future and the potential of who you can become.

Instead allow what you have experienced in the past to fuel the future you truly deserve!

In doing so you have a choice: you can choose to play a supporting role in someone else's story or you can allow yourself to become the main character"


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