"PrisCilla is a continual source of light, joy, and love. I am so thankful to be connected with her, even though we live in different countries. That's the power that PrisCilla brings -- geographic distance and time changes do not diminish the power of healing that flows through her. I have done distance sessions with her in both a personal capacity, and with my group workshops.


In our personal session, I could physically feel the areas she was tapping into, and felt an overwhelming release and flood of love into my heart. I woke up feeling more aligned, centered, and clear. During the group workshop I ran, PrisCilla was able to tap into the energy of the group with ease through  Distance Reiki. She brought lightness and a was a conduit of love that each student in the group felt. I really love the video messages that she shares after the distance sessions. They are always on-point, and connect with whatever energies are being healed.


If you are looking for light, healing, clarity, ease, joy, freedom, love -- I recommend you work with PrisCilla. I am so thankful for her gifts. They will touch your heart, whether from a distance or right there in-person. Thank you, PrisCilla for all that you do!"


Lelia Christine - The Happiness Advocate 

Intuitive Guide, Speaker, Writer, Artist  





“I had the opportunity to get a Reiki Healing Session by PrisCilla - Flow MaMi Reiki
I was excited for this session. PrisCilla has the ability to make you feel very comfortable and relaxed, so I could let myself go very easily. She was very present and wholeheartedly working on me.
After the session I have felt relaxed and I had a lot of energy for the coming days. I also have felt more centered and grounded. PrisCilla is a great healer and I can highly recommend her.  Thank you so much!”
- Daniel Huesser, Self-Mastery Coach & Men’s Work Leader 
Daniel Huesser - on facebook
“I think that Priscilla is having very healing and soothing energy. I love her presence in my life.”

Su Ritter