Who are we?

The Manifestation Coaches are a collaborative venture by established coaches and conscious manifesters Thomas Browne and PrisCilla Wauch-Velez.


Thomas specializes in transformation coaching, he drives his clients to uncover, discover and achieve the best version of themselves throughout his sessions by utilizing various mindsets and core creative strengths. His extensive knowledge alongside his passion to empower offers his clients a unique coaching experience that is highly effective in reaching the desired results.


PrisCilla specializes in energy coaching, she helps her clients to tap into their innate abilities of intuition and natural talents in order to step forward into living the lives that they passionately choose to live. Her mantra for herself and her clients is; 'Passionate Soul - Step into your Flow!'


By combining their coaching strengths and power to consciously manifest, both Thomas and PrisCilla compliment each other. The result is a truly amazing empowerment team who are here to get you to your next level. Now they invite you to manifest the life you truly desire through their highly sought after and effective manifestation courses, that were created by combining their extensive knowledge, experience and coaching skills.


Most importantly they encourage you to enjoy the process to ultimately bring you into alignment with both your true self and true life path with the least resistance by stepping into infinite abundance and possibility.

What We Offer

The Millionaire Mindset - 21 Days That May Change Your Life

A course to rival all personal development courses, pushing the envelope of what can be achieved in just 21 days. We combine practical coaching methods with conscious manifestation techniques to create a unique formula for those seeking high levels of success.


The Passionate Business Academy

This Course will help in providing the know how and necessary tools for those wishing to setup their own heart-centered online business that they are truly passionate about.


6-Week Mindset Coaching Package

Journey through Fears and beliefs that may be holding you back to reach your highest potential with one-to-one coaching offered by Thomas or PrisCilla.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The Millionaire Mindset

What is The Millionaire Mindset?

What if you found an advantage to get the life you desired and have a second chance that would make yourself proud? Would you continue on the path that you are on or would you consider taking that advantage?


The Millionaire Mindset is about complete transformation of mindset and providing you with the tools to get you moving with confidence towards the life you are meant for, your true path. We have created a course that can show you quite quickly how you can be guided to transform how you think while utilizing manifestation techniques to bring you into a space of personal empowerment that is highly effective.

How does it work?

How many times have you done a course to learn something new only to be bogged down with a mass of information? At first these courses may have seemed very appealing due to the amount of information they were offering but by the end of it you may feel more confused than educated and lacking in confidence.


The Millionaire Mindset is a 21 day rolling course that is broken down into 7 modules, and works a little differently. We will provide you with high quality bite sized information that is offered to you daily and is easily digestible for each of the 21 days. By providing you with targeted bite sized content gradually it will offer you more success in changing your mindset in a habitual way. This method will aid you the student as we will not overload you with information which can be overwhelming, instead our focus is in simplifying the process, spreading it over a specified number of days and bringing you change that works. Unlike other courses out there we encourage you not to try to retain any of the information we provide you, instead simply read it, understand it and move on with your day.


Along with lightly consuming course content, you will be doing short exercises that will test your perception and how you think. These exercises are designed to facilitate change that is specific to you. After each module the Manifestation Coaches will hold a live group zoom call to aid in the understanding of the content, answer any questions which may arise and set you towards your goals. In total there will be 7 live sessions with us. 

Why 21 days?

The reason for the course to be 21 days is to build a successful mindset as a habit, to challenge thoughts that do not currently serve you and to offer you a challenge to get you started on the right path. By simply wanting to make success a habit during the course it will set you up to include it in your present and future endeavors. By doing this for 21 days in a row it will make it easier for you to continue with this mindset after the course is complete. What we really want for our students is long term success beyond the 21 days. We want to hear those success stories!

Who is this Course for?

The Millionaire Mindset is for those of you that may struggle with focus, direction or in manifesting effectively. If you are looking for a simple, achievable and effective change of mindset that will offer you an increased level of success this course is for you.


We are seeking people that are driven towards lasting change and willing to put in the effort to challenge fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs and to follow the program for 21 consecutive days. Success does not have to be a difficult process, it can be easy however it does require a certain level of dedication to instill a new way of thinking into your daily routine to be effective as you would like.


If you do not feel that you could last the 21 days maybe you are not ready yet, when you are ready consider it the first option to get you to the next level. The course itself is open to anyone above 18 years old that wants to transform their dreams for success into a tangible reality.

What will I get out of this Course?

When the Millionaire Mindset is complete you will have a blueprint for your life path [like no other] that is made for the person you truly are. You will be able to approach challenges in a different way that may have held you back previously. You will be clear on where you are going and the main steps it will take to get you there. You will understand how to manifest effectively and you will have the confidence to achieve your goals. Bare in mind that in order to make all of the above become a reality what we require from you is dedication to stick with the program and an openness to allow yourself to think differently.

When does the course begin?

The next course begins February 01, 2021


Course enrolment is open from December 01, 2020


We take payments in Full and in installments, to find out more about the installment plan contact us directly


Spaces are limited so do not hesitate to secure your place with us

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"Before planning to scale the 6,000m Mt. Deo Tibba in India I enlisted the help of Thomas. He coached me to prepare both physically and mentally for this climb. Thomas instilled the mindset that helped me to believe and trust in myself fully while setting goals to attain physical fitness needed. I am forever grateful for his patience and approach in empowering me to achieve a dream in reaching the peak of a challenging mountain successfully."

-Sigal Kagan, Israel-


My Reiki Session gave me a feeling that I am flowing with things, rather than out on my own - a feeling of peace and serenity.

Learning Reiki was completely accessible. PrisCilla gives you natural confidence and trust in yourself.

-R., Switzerland-


"Thomas is an incredibly empathetic, supportive and motivating coach, who immediately makes you feel at ease and listens with genuine interest and concern. His knowledge, commitment and passion for his work is evident from the very beginning and I'm very lucky to have come across him. Thomas has played a huge role in helping to get back on track with various things in my life and I would absolutely recommend him without hesitation to anyone who needs help along their journey, whatever their goals may be."

-Ayesha, Pakistan-


Healing is my calling, i’ve been doing energy work and I am very familiar with chakra work with crystals and I do massage including shiatsu and polarity energy work, Reiki is a way I can fine tune my skills and channel more energy in a specific way, I am so grateful and I am excited for learning more in Reiki II !!

Your voice and energy is so lovely …. thank you very very much for everything.

-Brigette, U.S.A.-


"This was my first time with a life coach. I found myself at a point of having to start over with a new life in a new country so I was feeling overwhelmed and without a clear direction. Because of my visa restrictions I was not able to work at first so Thomas helped me to find other aspects of my life to focus and work on to bring about personal change. Thomas was able to ask the right questions and help me understand where I wanted to go. He was always supportive and our bi-weekly video calls have been a helpful judgement free zone that encouraged me to grow at a level that suited me."

-Stefania Maniscalco, Australia-


PrisCilla is a continual source of light, joy, and love. I am so thankful to be connected with her, even though we live in different countries. That's the power that PrisCilla brings -- geographic distance and time changes do not diminish the power of healing that flows through her. I have done distance sessions with her in both a personal capacity, and with my group workshops.


In our personal session, I could physically feel the areas she was tapping into, and felt an overwhelming release and flood of love into my heart. I woke up feeling more aligned, centered, and clear. During the group workshop I ran, PrisCilla was able to tap into the energy of the group with ease through  Distance Reiki. She brought lightness and a was a conduit of love that each student in the group felt. I really love the video messages that she shares after the distance sessions. They are always on-point, and connect with whatever energies are being healed.


If you are looking for light, healing, clarity, ease, joy, freedom, love -- I recommend you work with PrisCilla. I am so thankful for her gifts. They will touch your heart, whether from a distance or right there in-person. Thank you, PrisCilla for all that you do!"

-Lelia Christine - Bloom in Love Podcast U.S.A.-  


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